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Sunday, November 27, 2011

While we fight to stay healthy in a modern world, it's important to remember who we are, and the roots from whence we came.   Our society has changed  A LOT in the past 10k years.   Our bodies have not.  They will, I assume, continue to evolve to survive in changing environments, just as they have always done.  Our ancient ancestors were not smarter than we are.  They were surviving, (thankfully), by adapting to their surroundings.  If they didn't adapt, they would die.

     We, on the other hand, have safety nets everywhere.  If you are without shelter in the rain, you can at least, duck into a bus station, or a mall, and warm up and dry off for a while.  If you are hungry, there are social welfare and community service organizations who will dish you up a meal.

     Our society is not a utopia, don't get me wrong.  There are homeless and hungry people abounding in the world.  In general, however, our societies strive to feed the hungry, house the homeless, and treat the ill and infirm.  Our predecessors did not have this social net in place.  Eat or die.  Get shelter or die.  Get sick and probably die.  Harsh life to be sure, but it produced a physical body which we inherited that is incredibly capable of survival.

     If 'OGG' had a chance at a big pecan pie, he'd have undoubtedly eaten it to the point that he got sick to his stomach.  We're used to such concentrated calories and sugar.  We have it around us all the time, and societal expectations which often demand that we EAT IT.  (WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT!)

     So as you fight the battle of the bulge, keep one thing in mind.   You are no more, no less, than a caveman.......with pie.

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