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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Those of us who refer to ourselves as "Runners" (you know who you are), have, at some point, fallen into a rut of grinding out mile after mile, eye on the elapsed time, trying to get to our personal best at that next race.  It doesn't matter whether it's a 5k or an Ultra, it's easy to watch the goal and also easy to lose the joy of hitting the road or trail that causes most of us to refer to ourselves as runners in the first place.  We come in all shapes, sizes and abilities.  That's the beauty of the running community.  I've seen almost no lack of acceptance of ANYONE who is running, or trying to run.  People differ over distances, technique, footwear, hydration, nutrition, etc., but we're all still "Runners".   I often run with my dog, a big, happy, German Shepherd who obligingly goes along at a slow trot or a fast walk, ever accepting of his running partner's limited abilities.  He runs because he loves to run.  He grins the whole time.  (If you don't think dogs can grin, you don't have a big, goofy German Shepherd).  He is happy.  He's barefoot.  He doesn't have a stopwatch, and he stops when he feels like it.  I need this guy to keep my attitude focused.  It's fine to check your split times.  But sometimes, you just gotta run because............IT'S FUN!!!

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