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Friday, November 25, 2011

     OK, that's what everyone seems to be talking about today.  The big shopping day that the retailers hope will put them out of the red and back to the black side of the ledger book.  Well, in terms of food consumption, after the feast yesterday, it's time to conduct "RED FRIDAY".  

      So you over-indulged a bit yesterday.  I gave myself permission to do that, too.  It was fun at the time, but you may have gone way over your caloric budget for the day.  That doesn't matter~!   What matters is what you do TODAY, and for the rest of the week while you're getting this engine back on the rails.   There's probably a fridge full of leftovers, including, if you follow traditions, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie, etc.etc. etc.     Now is a time when it's easy to start doing some REAL damage to your eating plan.  Yesterday won't have much effect, if you leave it an move on.  If you give up, however, and fall back into the overeating mode, you're sunk.  Get back on that caloric deficit today.  Start with breakfast, and don't look back.  If the leftovers spoil, they just spoil.  They won't benefit you if they're packed around your middle.  Move your caloric ledger into the red, and do it consciously for the next few days.

     You don't want to fall "off the wagon" with all of the holidays that are still staring you in the face over the next couple of months.  Get back on your exercise routine, eat a bit light, and move on.  Your weight may bump up for a couple of days.  You may have consumed more salt, etc, and be holding on to fluids.  Don't get demoralized if the scale shows a weight gain.  It's only temporary, and will edge back down if you take it easy on the food for a few days.

     You're taught, in tennis, to forget about the last shot, good or bad.  Don't dwell on how bad it was, or admire how great it was.  Get ready for the next one that's coming over the net.  Martial arts training teaches you to forget about that last throw, and prepare for what's coming next.  This is no different.  Forget about your feast yesterday and look forward.

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