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Monday, April 29, 2013

I’ve Got CIVD | Ahcuah

This is a really interesting article.  I had experienced this as a child when playing in the snow, when my hands suddenly felt warm, but didn't know the science behind it.  Read on:
I’ve Got CIVD | Ahcuah:

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Can Minimalist Shoes Be Beneficial For Osteoarthritis-Related Knee Pain? | Podiatry Today

Link from Steven Sashen at Xero Shoes.  Looks like great information:

Can Minimalist Shoes Be Beneficial For Osteoarthritis-Related Knee Pain? | Podiatry Today:

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     I do my best thinking during early morning runs, in the dark or semi-darkness, it seems.  Today, about the 3 mile mark, with my two German Shepherds in front, pacing me at an easy trot for them, I began to realize why running is different.  Runners share a comeraderie, whether it's an elite ultra runner, or a plodder (I put myself much closer to the latter category), the feeling is the same.  Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it feels great, it's hot, it's cold, it's wet, it's windy, it's hilly, it's............. you get the drift.  When I see someone run, whether it's the elites at the Carlsbad 5k at record paces, or it's some guy or lady who is overweight, huffing and puffing and barely moving faster than a walk, I feel the same respect for what they're doing.

     I know there have been fights between runners, and bad feelings when someone cuts too close in front during a race, etc., but it's extremely rare, considering the huge numbers of runners.  You see baseball fights, hockey fights, fights in football, angry words back and forth in tennis, you name the sport.  I think it's  because "our sport" is so basic to our evolution.  The ability to run meant life or death  to whole civilizations for literally hundreds of thousands of years.  It is something that rests deep within ALL of us at some level.  It was the sole means of traveling, getting food, and escaping predation until a few thousand years ago.  That is why, even when it hurts, it leaves us feeling good. 

     As I have said in previous posts, if you run, you are a runner.  That's all it takes.  You may be a "fast runner", a "slow runner", a sprinter, a distance runner, etc.  Those are just adjectives.  Stick with the noun.  You are a "runner".  Go run.

Monday, April 1, 2013


     I had the opportunity to go to observe a "Jog-a-Thon" fundraiser at my son's elementary school the other day.  The kids run laps around a track for 1/2 hour to earn donations from parents/friends/family who donate "per lap".  There were, probably 50 kids, 5th grade and under, and a few parents and teachers who joined in.
      The difference was truly astounding to a barefooter/minimalist!  Nearly every one of the kids, who were running in everything from street shoes to sneakers, was hitting with a mid-foot or forefoot strike.  They were having FUN running.  The parents and teachers, most of whom were wearing "running shoes", were doing the heel stomp.   I watched with fascination as the kids ran so lightly, like so many deer, just having fun and running with their friends.

     This heel stomping style of running, with "running shoes" is TRULY learned behavior, and benefits only the shoe companies (and orthopedists)!

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