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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

     We get caught up in our day to day activities, and it's easy to leave out an important part of the fitness equation.....SLEEP.     Your body, regardless of how hard you train, or how you watch your diet, won't perform at its optimum level if you don't get enough sleep.    Consult your medical provider about how much they think you need.  My purpose here isn't to decide that for you.  I know that I perform much better in all activities after I've had about 7 hours.  I don't always get that much, admittedly, but I can feel the difference when I do.  I have more energy, my run feels lighter and more powerful at the same time.   Exercise, Food, and Rest are really the trifecta of fitness.  Keep these three in balance, and you'll be at your best.  Overdo or underdo any of them, and it can throw you off your game.  You have to find your own level of each for your best performance.

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