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Saturday, November 12, 2011

      I read today that researchers at the University of Texas have come up with a new "weight loss drug", that they have tested on monkeys, which, while on the drug, lost about 11% of their body weight in a relatively short time.  The drug acts by targeting and killing off blood vessels feeding fat cells.  I am not qualified to criticize their research, or to say that there's no need for such a drug.  There may be medical situations in which it will be the perfect answer.  My hope is that it is not considered, if approved for human use, as the long sought-after "magic bullet" of weight control.  Are there no lengths to which we will not go to avoid a little self-discipline?

     Many people have also undergone surgery to alter their digestive tract in one way or another.  Once again, I'm not here to question medical decisions, and I'm not trying to pick a fight with the medical establishment.  I simply don't believe, and this is admittedly only my own opinion, that we need to have our basic bodily functions changed by surgery or drug ingestion in order to gain control over our weight.  We merely need to follow the simple rule of not taking in more food than we can use.  It's that simple.  How you get there may be more complicated.  People have many reasons for overeating, but the physical process stays the same.

     The main purpose of this blog is to show people how to get back in line with our ancestors.  We have bodies that are virtually unchanged for thousand of years.  They  worked then and they work now.  Have faith in this body that you inherited.  Treat it right and it will perform for you for many decades.  Keep it well maintained, fueled, and active, and it will give you premium performance, in many cases for OVER 100 YEARS!  That's incredible, when you think about it.   Enjoy this body.  Let it fulfill its potential.

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