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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our culture seems to revolve around the consumption of food.  Every event, from birthdays to victories in major wars is celebrated with food.  From our hunter-gatherer origins, the acquisition of nourishment has had such a high priority that we are hard-wired to seek fuel for our bodies.  In some places in the world, and in some circumstances, this drive is still working as it did for our ancestors.  In most of modern society, however, and particularly in the West, the food drive coupled with a nearly unlimited supply has resulted in myriad health problems.  We are taught, from infancy, to enjoy food.  Everyone enjoys food, and that's not the bad part.  The difficulty occurs when you make the leap from enjoyment OF food to getting your enjoyment FROM food.  The term "comfort food" is synonymous with, for the most part, food that is high in calories, sugar, salt, fat, or some combination thereof.  It is extremely difficult to leap back across the chasm from using food to make you feel good to using food to make you feel nourished.  There are no magic answers here, but we are, I think, at least on the right track to getting back control of our bodies so they can be naturally healthy.

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