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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First of all, I wear shoes.  Let's face it, in our society, you really need to wear them sometimes.  I work in an environment where they are required.  OK, fine.  When I'm OUT of that environment, however, I'm either barefoot, or wearing something really minimalist.  I only run in huaraches that I got from Invisible Shoe (There's a photo and a link on the right side of the page if you want to take a look at them).  The shoes that I wear for work are wide, flat, as close to zero drop from heel to toe as I can get.  I notice what others are wearing, though.  In particular, what the womens' shoe industry does to feet is criminal.  You see women balancing on a 4" spike with their toes pointed down at a 45 degree angle, squeezed into a pointed toe!  They can barely walk in those, let alone run if the need arose.  Over time, such footwear takes its' toll on us.  I wore, in years past, and for quite some time, western style boots.  They were not much better than what I just described.  Same problem.  Raised heel, pointed toe.  I have a nice "bunion" to show for it.  Fortunately, I wised up before I had enough damage to cause it to hurt, but it's there, and it always will be, barring a surgical intervention.  Kids' feet are perfect.  They don't need any help from "engineers" at a shoe company, who claim to be coming up with "better" shoes all the time.  I looked at some "running shoes" from a major company the other day.  There must have bee a full 2" of rubber and gel under the heel.  Your feet have had a couple of million years of evolution and adaptation.  Nature got it right.  It doesn't need help from a "shoe engineer", and your feet don't need to be encased in a $150.00 box in order to perform.  Case in point. At the top of this post  is a picture of my 6 year old son's foot.  No bunions there, just a foot designed for performance.  (OK, it was a little dirty from running around with the dogs (who, amazingly,  also do just fine without shoes) If you are wearing those toe smashers, get out of them.  Go to something flat and wide when you have to wear them.  Let your feet be.................feet.  They don't need to be re-designed.

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