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Friday, December 4, 2009

I talked to a woman today who had financial problems. She was complaining that if her relatives didn't give her help, she wouldn't have food to eat. She was AT LEAST 150 pounds overweight, and could barely breathe because of it. She was getting plenty of calories from somewhere. Sounds mean, right? I know. It sounded mean to me when I wrote it, too. It just illustrates the problems with our society, though. The absolute poorest in this country still have such an easy physical lifestyle that the fat just keeps packing on. Ironically, the food that seems to be the easiest to get cheaply in large quantities is loaded with carbohydrates. That is exactly the WRONG thing that someone needs nutritionally.

In short, don't let yourself fall into this woman's trap. Earn your food every day, and pick foods to which your ancestors had access. Your body will love you for it, and will, almost immediately, begin to regulate itself back to normal proportions. Send it the message that the hunt for food is on, and the feasting is over.

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