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Saturday, June 1, 2013


STEVEN SASHEN has announced that after their appearance on SHARK TANK, XERO SHOES are now 20% off.  If you've been thinking about getting a pair (I have 3!) this is the time to go for it.  Link to the right will get you there.  I run in these all the time.  It is really the closest thing to barefoot that you will get.  These ride really nicely on your feet to the point that I don't even feel them when I run.  If you've been wanting to try barefoot running, but are concerned about damage to your feet, these provide just that protection that you need without restricting your feet in any way.  They're great on (and I've run on all of these)  Dirt, grass, mud, asphalt (even chip seal), concrete, gravel, name it.  Mine have hundreds of miles on them.  They  come with a 5,000 mile warranty.  Try to get that from any other running shoe!  These are really inexpensive anyway, and now you can even get 20% knocked off THOSE prices!  Give 'em a try.  Link to the right->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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