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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ok,  here we are at the day most feared by dieters........................the dreaded Thanksgiving!  So what do you do?   You've been really sensible for a few weeks and have shaved off some of those saddlebags.  Now comes the day that can undo all of the good that you've done in one session at Aunt Bessie's dining room table, right?   WRONG!   One meal, or one day of eating like there's no tomorrow won't derail your weight control program.  The human body was designed for feast or famine.  Today is the feast.  It's OK.  Tomorrow, though, is the key to success or failure.  If you get up tomorrow morning, and think, "Well, I blew it yesterday, so I might as well finish that pecan pie that's in the fridge"........You're sunk.  If you get up and get back on your routine, whatever that is, you'll be just fine.  If you are one who weighs yourself daily, sure you'll see a spike.  Just don't let that demoralize you.   Our ancestors ate and ate when they had plenty, and did with much less when not much food was available.  Today, you were successful in the hunt.  Tomorrow, you're back rooting around for nourishment.  

     This doesn't mean that you should go out of your way to be stupid at the dinner table, because, eating lots of fats, sweets, salty stuff, just isn't very good for you.   In short,  it's OK to eat today.  It's even OK to give yourself permission to have seconds, and a piece of pie...........but not a whole pie.   Tomorrow, forget about it and get back to the great work you've been doing!

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