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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Good question. I'm not a fitness expert. I'm not a health expert. So why should you pay any attention to what I'm saying here? Because.....................I'm right. You know it. Nobody can seriously refute it. What I'm saying is the absolute truth, and it's FREE.

Look, this multi-billion diet industry is one of the biggest scams in history. It's targeted at those people who, perhaps for decades, have floated from one diet fad to another, ballooning up, slimming down, ballooning up, slimming down, making one failed New Year's resolution after another, spending hundreds of dollars on this pill or that device. That industry has marketing analysts. They know what to say, and they know who to target. Do you think the ads on TV at 3:00 am are there by accident? You can get rich and be slim and healthy, with a better sex life by sending 39.95 to somebody who puts an ad on tv at 3:00 in the morning. Right. Wake up.

I'm not selling you anything. I'm handing you the answer, the REAL answer Free on a silver platter. Will I get rich from this? Nope. Can you take a pill and fix your problem? Nope. It doesn't work like that. Never has. Never will. There will continue to be people and groups who sell you "food plans" and supplements that will miraculously change your body. You'll lose 40 pounds in 3 months! If you read the fine print, you'll see. "Results not typical". How about "Results pure B.S." You will also see that it will, someplace on the ad, say, "combined with exercise and a sensible diet". DUH!! Standing in the street in front of your house shaking a tree branch at passing cars will help you lose weight too, when combined with "exercise and a sensible diet!" (Don't do that. It will probably get you picked up for a psychiatric evaluation, too.)

So, who am I? I'm just a guy who got sick and tired of being overweight and feeling like crap, just like you do right now.

You don't have to run around chewing the bark off of trees to "go primitive". Just keep in mind what your ancestors did and you'll be fine. More next time.

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