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Saturday, January 24, 2009


First, let me clearly state that I am not giving medical or psychological advice. If you have medical or psychological questions, definitely address them to the health care professionals. All I'm offering here is the truth and common sense, something that seems to be lacking in the "weight loss industry".

There are places advertising on radio and TV, in print and on the web, that promise phenomenal weight loss from taking pills, or having SURGERY! I'm sure the weight loss surgery works. I have, in fact, seen it work on a number of individuals. These people had otherwise healthy bodies that were simply too fat from years of overeating and under exercising. These unfortunate people finally, after probably years of failed "dieting", succumbed to the lure of having part of their stomachs either removed, or rendered unuseable, simply to make themselves eat less! What's worse? I've seen that surgery NOT WORK! I have actually seen someone lose, probably 100 pounds in a few months after the surgery, only to see that person about 2 years later, and, to my utter amazement, the person had gained nearly all the weight BACK! That takes real committment to stuffing yourself with food and to not moving around much! To me this is incredible. You allow, PAY someone to remove or alter your internal organs so you can eat less. This is the place to which we have come. We've failed to give our bodies what they are desperate for, namely reasonable food intake and reasonable amounts of exercise! This is a no-brainer, in my opinion. You render yourself partially incapacitated because you don't have the wherewithal to turn down a second helping of food.

As long as there are "quick fix" options like this, some people will pay virtually ANY cost to avoid eating and exercising at reasonable levels. Just be sure of the motivation before someone talks you into taking such drastic action. There is another way. It doesn't cost. It doesn't hurt. There are no side effects. It is simply living within the boundries for which your body was evolved. To me, this seems like a much better option than allowing someone to slice open your belly and start removing or clamping off things that it took 2 million years to create.

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