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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The beauty about "Primitive Health and Fitness" is its incredible flexiblity and forgiving nature! This whole concept is based upon inconsistency. That's right. Old OGG didn't know from one day to the next what he was going to eat, how much energy he would need to expend, what dangers he might face, or how long he could sleep.

We have the great opportunity to glean the best parts of his existence, while still enjoying the things we like, to a great extent. You don't have to eat nuts and berries every day. You should not, in fact, do anything exactly the same each day, if you want to emulate OGG's lifestyle. Hard days, easy days, high volume food days, fasting days. Climbing one day, running the next, lifting (the modern equivalent if you must-weights) rocks and logs, running short, fast sprints, swimming, running long distances at a steady pace, etc. If this gets to be too much for you, take a break for a few days. Eat what you want, move (or don't move) if you like.

The benefits of our society leaves us with the ability to pick and choose the good parts of OGG's life without having to worry about where to sleep, whether we will actually be ABLE to eat tomorrow or next week, whether we will suddenly go from predator to prey at a given moment, etc.

The key is to eliminate the long term, unfettered, overindulgent sedentary lifestyle that has left us with a quickly expanding (pun fully intended) obesity problem. Along with that lifestyle come the side effects; high blood pressure, heart ailments, cardiovascular problems, the list is never ending.

If you change even one day per week of your habits, you will gain some benefit. Change every day and the effects are exponential!

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