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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


You see them from time to time. Most often coming out of the computer store. Pudgy looking, sallow complexion, hands completely soft and pink. (thus the moniker I have given them). They look like they never push away from the keyboard, except to eat and browse for more software. They are the epitome of a sedentary lifestyle. With the wonders of modern health care, they can probably live as long as anyone, with the right medications, beginning sometime in their 40s or 50s when that Paleolithic body finally can't function on it's own without chemical help. They will get to deal with all the side-effects, as well, though.

The human body just wasn't designed for this. It was WORK! If you, like I, have a "white collar" job, that's FINE! You need to do more to keep your body functioning properly, however. I'm at a desk the majority of the workday, pushing paper. How did I spend my day off, yesterday? Swinging an axe, removing a big ole' tree stump. It feels good on a visceral level to do things like that. I have a chainsaw, I could have fired it up, and my hands wouldn't have taken the beating that they did yesterday after many hundreds of axe strikes on hard wood. My arms, legs, back, shoulders, chest, core muscles, and cardiovascular system wouldn't have received the benefits, either! Talk about a total body workout! My inner "Ogg" loved that time. Just me, the axe, and a stubborn stump, that seemed to defy each strike, until Ogg, soaked in good healthy sweat, finally prevailed!

It doesn't matter what you do, but, If you are healthy, and I need to stress that, do SOMETHING! Do what you, personally can do. If it's running a marathon, or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, great! If it's walking the length of the living room, EQUALLY great! Challenge your body and, it will respond, on some level.

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