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Thursday, March 2, 2017


Hi all,

     To the right you will see a link to the new Prio from Xero Shoes.  I just received a pair of these, and am currently testing them in preparation for a review.  I will post a review on their site, and also do a video review after I have put these through their paces a bit.  I have a couple of initial observations that I would like to share, as I prepare to do a thorough review;  I put these on when I received them, and noticed that the toe box felt significantly wider than the Hana's that I last reviewed.  The Prio is an all-around running, exercise, you-name-it shoe, and that toe box is proving to be one of it's best features.  I'm so far impressed with the overall quality of the shoe itself, and it has the Xero signature flexibility so that it feels like nothing on your foot.  These shoes are shaped like..............feet.  What a concept, huh?  Anyway, more to come on this as I get my full review ready.  Stay tuned................

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