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Saturday, September 21, 2013


What an amazing machine we have in this body!  It has been honed and fine-tuned as the ultimate survival mechanism for a couple of million years.  It can run hundreds of miles, lift hundreds of pounds, heal itself, go for long periods without refueling, withstand heat, cold, abrasion and trauma.  It can propel itself through any environment on Earth, including snow, sand, and water.  It can fight off disease, climb, fight, catch prey, escape predators, plan, evade, jump and swim long distances.

Why, therefore, are so many of our species currently in a state where they can do virtually none of the above.  There are some of us who, through no fault of our own, have been stricken with an injury, illness, or other malady or condition that limits our abilities.  We, as a society, have methods in place to provide assistance to our members who need it.  As we should.

There is, however, a huge portion of our population who choose actions or inaction which render them nearly helpless.  Having people render themselves into such a state is an infuriating sight to me.  We all have our shortcomings, for certain.  Not everyone can swim from Cuba to Florida, run across the continent, climb to the top of the world, or dive off of high cliffs into churning water.  Those of us who have the unbelievable fortune to be reasonably healthy can, however, do what we can to maintain that health and those natural abilities with which we have evolved.

I see daily, people who, because of the unparalleled availability of food, have consumed enough over long periods of time to render themselves barely mobile. Look around in any store, on the street, at sporting events or other venues where large numbers of people congregate.  It seems like nearly EVERYONE is overweight, and a great many people are obese to the point that it affects their very ability to walk.  The food available nearly everywhere, with no caloric cost is, I think, the culprit.  That's why I say "Simulate the Hunt" (C).   You need to expend calories to offset those consumed.  If you sit and consume thousands of calories (meaning kilo calories), obtained with no physical effort, it will pervert your body's built-in energy storage system to the point that you are rendered helpless to move, defend yourself or others, get to safety in an emergency situation, or even perform basic daily tasks.

We certainly don't want a famine.  We have really healthy food sources available in unprecedented amounts.  We have the scientific knowledge of what to do to stay healthy.  We have the ability.  We just need the fortitude and commitment to do so.

Drop the chips, get out of line at the fast food drive through, lose the soda.  Eat something that your hunter gatherer ancestor's could have CAUGHT, PICKED, OR FOUND.  Move that body around to pay the caloric price for what you eat.  The giant abdomen or wide hips will begin to shrink back to normal size.  Energy will pick up.  Organs will function better.  You will feel better, and be happier.  Just TRY it. 

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