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Monday, July 29, 2013

Earthing-More Perspective

I had an interesting experience yesterday.  At the risk of sounding too "New-Agey", I felt an intense connection with the earth.  We were working in the yard, and, as I often will do, I had kicked off an old pair of flip flops that I have, and was working barefoot.  It always feels good when I do that, but I stopped for a moment, and glanced off to the tops of a coastal mountain ridge, the view of which we are fortunate enough to see from our place.  I realized, at that moment, that there just might be something more to "Earthing" than I had realized.  With my feet in the dirt, I was absolutely connected, not with just the Earth directly beneath my feet......I was connected to that distant mountain ridge, as well.  It was a really good feeling to feel that connection.

Having practiced the Martial Art of Aikido for a number of years, I have studied and read in-depth about "Ki", or as the Chinese call it, "Chi" or "Qi".  It is that unseen force that drives the universe.  Believe it or not.  It is an individual point of view.  I just know that planting my feet in direct contact with the Earth gave me an unmistakable and direct connection with that distant mountain ridge, along with the remainder of the Earth.

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