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Friday, October 19, 2012

Just Received Xero Shoes Mocha Earth


Yup, that's my old rough looking foot, but any bangs and dings, callouses, etc. were from too many years in "Running Shoes".  I've been in Xero Shoes for running, exclusively for over a year now, the callouses are diminishing, and running is FUN AGAIN.  This is my third pair.  Not that I've worn them out.  I'm still wondering if that's possible.  They do have a 5k mile warranty, just in case.  These are the new addition by Xero Shoes, now available in several colors.  I picked Mocha Earth, as it just fits my personality better than the brighter colors.  You can check them out on their link to the right.  I couldn't be happier with this new addition.  My regular black ones (6mm Contacts, all) are a half size smaller.  I am trying to decide whether to try to trim these, or leave them alone.  I will wear them for a while, then decide.  This pair, I plan to wear primarily for just "knocking around", and maybe for some hiking.  I'll try a run or two in them, also, just to compare the sizes and how they fit my feet.   

      You just won't feel more free in ANY kind of footwear, in my experience.   I never even notice the laces while I'm wearing them.  My first pair has hundreds of miles on them, and I'm still on the first set of laces, although I do periodically apply a bit of Shoe Goo if I notice any wear.  Anyway, I just wanted to share my new "dress" Xero Shoes!

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