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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Keep Ogg Happy and Stay Healthy

Our common ancestor, "Ogg", lived an "earthy" life. He was exposed to the elements, endured hardships, fought, ate, slept, reproduced..........LIVED! We have our hardships, too, but when you compare what he and his collective family went through, it's easy to see how soft and complacent that we have become. Ogg wore basic clothing, if any, to protect him from the elements. At some point, he fashioned shoes for his feet, but for eons, there were none. Feet adapt, and callouses grow to allow you to run across the savanna in pursuit of game. We step barefoot on the cold kitchen tile in the morning, and cringe, or go running for the slippers.

Ogg got dirty, he probably smelled like a goat. I'm not suggesting that you not shower, (particularly if you are someone I have to work with :-). I'm jut saying that it's OK to get dirty. It's OK to get wet, to get tired, to get your belly full and go to sleep. That's what he did! He knew no other way. The day was spent surviving to fight and scratch another day!

You know when Ogg is happy. Just look for the signs. Belly full......Ogg happy. Make love......Ogg happy. Drink cool water........Ogg happy. Warm place to sleep........Ogg happy.
Old Ogg was a pretty basic guy. He didn't need an I-pod or a Wii to garner happiness. We enjoy all of our amenities, to be sure. That's FINE! Look at little kids, though if you want to know how to keep Ogg happy. Toddlers are priceless little glimpses into our past. They don't care if they have a dirty face. They just know that they are enjoying that big hunk of watermelon on a hot summer day. Juice may be dripping off their elbows, to the point that most adults would be horrified. Not little Junior. Let 'em drip, this is GOOOD!!

This is gonna sound weird, but one of the most satisfied feelings, and you will agree if you let yourself, is when you REEEEAAALLLYYY have to go to the bathroom, and you've been unable to go for a period of time, such as on a car trip, etc. When you finally get there and get relief............Ogg happy!!

Get barefoot sometimes. Get a little wet, go out in the rain. Get a little dirty. Make love to your spouse. Get really hungry. Eat a great meal, then take a nap. Go out and get some great exercise doing whatever it is that you can find enjoyable. Keep Ogg happy. When you're engaged in any activity, just stop for a minute and ask yourself............"Is Ogg happy?" If you use that as a guide, you can live a really basically fulfilled life, regardless of your social or economic status or educational level.

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