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Monday, February 2, 2009


You are living inside of an incredible machine! This body that you have been provided can fuel itself, heal itself, clean itself, and keep itself in great working order. If only our CARS could do that!
The brain and the endocrine system is an amazing, self-contained pharmacy that produces what your body needs, on demand, and under the most stressful conditions imaginable. We've all read accounts of people who were severely injured in remote areas. Their bodies produced substances that suppressed pain to allow movement, thus allowing locomotion toward safety.

Your body produces substances when you exercise for longer periods of time, called "endorphins". They can actually provide a sense of well-being. It is really necessary to experience "runner's high" to really understand it. When you run for longer distances, say, 10 miles or more, you have ups and downs, when you alternately feel good, ..........and sometimes.....lousy. The body is managing the extreme energy output, and the pain on feet, joints, etc. It has been rising to these challenges for countless thousands of years as our ancestors drew on their personal reserves to get through one crisis after another.

The body can detoxify itself, as well. When you engage in hard exercise, you breath more deeply, the blood flows throughout the body at a higher rate, sweat pours out of your skin, your intestines respond to the movement and work more efficiently. All of this helps the body "blow out" the (excuse the expression) crap that has been building up inside. We live in an environment where there is pollution in the air, pesticide in the food, and other substances which our body will recognize as waste products that it does not need. If you sit on your duff, day in and day out, it will still get rid of some of the stuff. Get yourself out and work up a sweat, however, and the body's waste management system gets happy and kicks into overdrive. It starts housecleaning. You owe it to yourself to at least try this. You will feel better. If you are healthy, and you have your physician's OK, get out and try some progressively more challenging activities. You will feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally!

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