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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ubiquitous Food!

The problem is systemic, and world-wide in "developed" societies. Grain and sugar are cheap to produce, handy to eat, and packed with calories. Every fair, theme park, sporting event, party, or other gathering of people has a plentiful supply of "treats". Sugar filled cereals are marketed to children, and purposefully placed on lower shelves so they will see them as they walk down grocery ailes.

Television commercials are filled with pizza, sweet rolls and multitudes of snack foods. They are slick, well thought out, and specifically crafted, down to the syllable, to get you to buy and eat more junk.

The diet industry makes billions of dollars every year selling you "weight loss" products and schemes. The money is driving this, and that won't stop, unless and until there is no market.

Your health is at stake here. Will a healthier diet make you live longer? Who knows. You could eat a healthy meal, then get hit by a bus on the way home. What a healthy diet WILL do, however, is increase the LIKELIHOOD that you will have a longer, more productive life.

The human body is very resilient! It has evolved over the past 2 million years or so to survive adverse conditions. You can eat junk, sit around, gain 100 or 200 pounds, and you will probably still live quite a few years. You may be bedridden, or in a wheel chair or electric scooter with "knee problems", or "foot problems", as a result of carrying around all those "stored" pounds for so long. The problem with fat is that it doesn't do much, except ride around with you to provide extra energy when your body needs it. It doesn't help you move, think, feel sensations, or support yourself like muscle, bone, brain or nerve tissue. It is a storehouse of energy that you are carting around to be prepared for leaner times. Your body doesn't know that you will have plenty of food tomorrow, next week, next year, or for the rest of your life. It simply knows that it is receiving more input of calories than needed for current operations, and storing it away so that it will be ready if the food supplies run out.

Have you ever seen a skinny person in an electric scooter? I haven't. Granted, if you NEED to be in one of those things for a physical reason, it is difficult to burn enough calories to prevent weight gain. That being said, weight gain CAN be prevented by limiting the calories consumed. If you are unable to walk because of lower body problems, they are BY DEFINITION, made worse by carrying around excess, unnecessary weight.

This sounds like preaching, but it's only common sense. Is my weight perfect? Nope. It's a lot better than it used to be, and I'm constantly working on it and monitoring it so that it doesn't go back. I'm not doing anything that anybody else can't do. If you want to be healthy, you need to stay committed, and use some self-discipline.

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