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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Face the Truth..............Save Your Money

There are SO many people willing, and anxious, to sell you something! This doesn't make them bad. They are in business, and are there trying to make money. What is sad to watch is the amount of money that people are willing to shell out in their never-ending quest for a fitness magic bullet. The food supplement and diet industry is, almost without exception, an industry based upon flawed logic.

To be fit and healthy, you need what our ancestors had. Aerobic exercise, limited caloric intake, and strength training.

It really IS that simple! Primitive man didn't have the luxuries available to us today. We hire someone to go out and kill the animals that we eat. We hire someone to pick the fruit off the trees, and we hire someone to gather the vegetables for us. What's worse, we pay someone a premium if they add things to our food, or prepare it in a way that pleases our palate for the moment, such as extra salt, extra fat and extra sugar.
Look, the truth is, you can't depend upon somebody else for your decisions. If you "go on" this diet, and that diet, and sign up to be a member of the "whatever" weight loss club, it won't help you at all unless you ..........EAT LESS! Realistically, you won't belong to these things for the rest of your life, and if you are relying upon them for guidance, you are setting yourself up for a fall.
Once you get busy, or have a personal crisis, or move, or change jobs, or get married, or have a child, you will find a reason to get away from them. If you do it on your own, (and you really can), you will be able to maintain your lifestyle decisions through any such changes.......provided that you have the desire to do so. So here are your choices:
1. Eat Less and get more exercise.
2. Buy weight loss products, and......Eat Less and get more exercise.
3. Join a weight loss group and.........Eat Less and get more exercise.
4. Enroll in a commercial weight loss program and........Eat Less and get more exercise.
Do we see a pattern developing here? No matter what you do, you won't achieve real, long term weight loss unless you .............Eat Less and get more exercise. That's not opinion. That's 2 million years of evolution that produced your body. That's how it works. When food is plentiful and not much physical effort is needed to obtain it, the human body stores fat for later. When food is scarce, and a lot of effort is required to obtain it, the body burns the fat stores to produce the energy needed for survival.
In another million years or so, our bodies may evolve to the point that they can throw off those excess calories consumed rather than store them as fat. Until then, you need to treat your body like what it is. We have the bodies of primitive hunter/gatherers, and to keep them healthy, we need to provide that for which they were designed. Lots of effort, and the right amount of food. If you don't, you will be fat.

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