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Saturday, October 15, 2016


Had a great paleo experience today.  Outside of a local grocery store there was a girl and her mom with a little table set up.  It had a sign that said "Help me with my science experiment".  My 11 yr. old son was with me, and we went to see what it was about.  On the table was a card with nutritional information, next to something covered with a dishtowel.  The girl asked, "Would you eat something with this nutritional value?"  It was no carb, high protein, no sugar, no salt, no added ingredients.  My son said, "I would".  She then uncovered a little cup full of dried Bamboo worms>>>>.......!  My son took the cup and downed about 4 or 5, made a bit of a face and then turned to me and said "Your turn, Dad!"  Hey, this is about as paleo as it gets, so I said Sure!  They were actually pretty good, I thought.  Nice and crunchy.  Anyway, it was Paleo guy "Fish or cut bait" time!  Interesting experience!

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