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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I had the good fortune to test the Ipari Hana, XeroShoes' venture in the casual shoe.  I received my pair a few days ago, and wore them as much as possible.  These are a great alternative to any other casual shoes that I have worn.  They are "xero" drop, built on a Z-Trek sole, with a nice soft suede-like interior (micro fiber) and the extreme flexibility that you would expect in an offering by Xero Shoes.------------>>

I wore them with khakis on "casual day" at the office in which I work (my day job).  It is a government building, and, unbeknownst to anybody else, I was barefoot all day long.  I was basically barefoot inside of the Hana's.   These are available in several colors, and are a great addition to anybody's collection of footwear.  I did an actual video review of these, and it is available here:


Here is another short video from XeroShoes about the Hana :

You owe it to yourself to get a pair (or two) of these.  The quality is excellent, they look great, and, most importantly, they feel terrific on your feet.  The toe box is nice and wide, they snug up well on your feet, or will sit more loosely if you prefer that (I do).   XeroShoes is also a good company to deal with.  I've been dealing with them since at least early 2010, not too long after they were established.  They are very customer service oriented, offer great products, and will help you out with issues regarding fit, adjustment, etc.   They will be available in a few days, and in limited quantity, so if you want to get in on this, be ready to order.  It looks like they will retail for $79.99, but less during the initial introductory period.  I have reviewed lots of running sandals and some running shoes over the years, but this is my first casual shoe review.    You need these!

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