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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Kids learn by example, perhaps more than anything.  Unfortunately, in today's tech society, there are many life skills that children used to learn by watching, that are no longer done, for the most part.

There are certain basic life preserving skills that, we all hope, our children will never need.  Those are the skills that are most important to teach.  To survive, a human needs (in addition to oxygen), water, food, clothing, shelter, and a source of heat.   Kids (boys AND girls) need to learn, early on in their lives, how to create or obtain those things.  God forbid that our children ever are caught in a situation where they MUST have those to survive. never know.  Earthquakes, fires, natural and man-made disasters can put you into that situation in an instant.  If you have DONE YOUR JOB and taught, (or had someone else teach) your child those basic skills, their chance of surviving goes up dramatically.  They need to know how to make a fire without matches, lighters, etc.  They need to know how to get water.  How to get food.  How to find and identify things that are edible.  How to catch a fish, a rabbit, etc.  How to find or create a shelter.  How to find their way to safety. How to hide. When to run.  When to hide.  When to fight, and how. How to swim.  How to get warm.  How to stay cool. How to take care of injuries and/or illness.  Basic first aid.  How to sharpen a knife.

This is disturbing stuff, isn't it?  Our job, as parents, though, is to continue our species, if you get to the basics.  Teaching your kids essential survival skills gives them a better chance.  Figure it out.  Teach them if you are capable.  Get someone to teach them if you aren't.  Do it TODAY.  You don't know what they may face tomorrow.......

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