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Sunday, February 7, 2016


Ok,  we had Halloween behind us, and all the candy was gone, but then here came Thanksgiving!  You just CAN'T turn down a giant meal, followed by a week of leftovers.

Once that was in the can (literally), we had Christmas staring us in the face.  Cookies in every workplace, office parties, extra meals and parties with family and friends. (Cookies for Santa, of course).  Whew! then....

Hey, it was NEW YEARS!  More parties, food, drink, food, food, food...

Today, there were Superbowl Parties!!!  Nachos, beer, soft drinks, chips, you name it.

Get the picture? That's October, November, December, January and February.  At some point, you gotta get a handle on the caloric intake.  Our traditions are killing us.  Almost everyone gains weight "over the holidays".  Hey, that ain't "the holidays".  That's five months of binging. You can't undo that in a couple of weeks of being sensible.  If we are to get a hold of our burgeoning girths, you can only do it..............TODAY. Tomorrow is another today in the wings.  You can't undo last week or last month.  You can

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