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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


     I have to admit it, I'm really lucky.  We live on a place with, thanks to my enterprising lovely wife,  dozens of varieties of fruit, incredible vegetables (year-round), and 5 great hens that give us eggs that you just can't buy in a store!  I get to watch our kids pick and eat organic fruit right off of the trees.  That kind of food is what these paleo bodies need for healthy functioning.  As I have mentioned, I often run (minimalist - Xero Shoes), with our two German Shepherds trotting ahead, waiting patiently for their slow running partner.  They need to run, too, because at least one of them has developed a taste for whatever fruit he can find within reach.  (He also went ancestral on me and helped himself to a chicken once, but that's another story!.......)

     My wife has bought a great dehydrator, (Its a Sedona-check one out when you have time) and serves up incredible concoctions from all of the fruits and vegetables.

      Having all of this available, it really makes you appreciate that it can be difficult for some to eat naturally, in places where it's tougher to get.  That being said, it CAN be done!   If you go to the grocery store to get your food, the outside perimeter of the store (sans dairy case) is the place to go.  All of the packaged, frozen, etc. stuff is in those interior aisles and freezer cases.  The outside walls of almost any such store have the fruits, vegetables, and meat cases.  That's where the FOOD is; keep that in mind.  Your ancestors were limited to that area.  If you look at the market that way, you'll find all that you NEED for sustenance.  The cookies, cereal, chips, candy, sodas, bread, flour, pasta, etc. is in that middle section.  Those are things designed (get it?-designed, as in manufactured, made, created) by people to tempt your palate with salt, sugar, msg, all the things you don't need, but may make something have a LOT of taste.  That's the entertainment section, not the FOOD section.  Keep that in mind and you'll get in and out of that place with only FOOD in your bag.

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