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Thursday, July 26, 2012


I saw a guy running at lunch today.  Big guy.  In the Clydesdale category in any organized race, for sure.  He was wearing big, thick heeled "running shoes".  He ran up to a stoplight, serious heel-striking, sort of clomping along.  The light was red, so he had to wait, and began running in place.  He instantly went up on his forefoot/toes and ran in place really lightly for a moment, while waiting for the green light.  When the light turned, he took off, and resumed his heel-slap-clomp gait until he was out of sight.

     I was amazed at the unthinking transition.  When running in place, YOU CAN'T heel strike!  Just the mechanics make you go up onto your forefoot.  It is/was so natural.  The problem came when forward motion was in the mix.  Those old "history-teacher-filling-in- as-a-high-school-track-coach" inspired habits came right back.  Leg shoved out in front, knee locked up, heel pounded down, roll onto the toes, pushed off.

     I'll bet that guy has some physical issues brewing if he does much running at all. 
The point to be taken from all of this is: YOU HAVE NATURAL RUNNING ALREADY BUILT IN, PROGRAMMED INTO YOUR BODY/BRAIN.  You just need to tap into it!

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