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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Now first of all, this isn't for everyone.  If you're a competitive runner, or a fast runner, or worried about your split times, this won't mean much to you.  I went for my usual morning run, only about 3 miles today.  As you may know from reading prior posts, I run exclusively in Invisible Shoe (Xero Shoes) huaraches, (6mm Contacts).  I decided, kind of on a whim, to try to run a lot more slowly than normal.  I practise "100 up"  (see prior posts re Christopher MacDougall's video).  Running slowly, you can practice the form, keeping a good mid-foot strike, cocking back the elbow.   

     I don't think I've ever TRULY ENJOYED a run more in my life!  There was one goal.  Finish the run maintaining good form.  I forgot about times, speed, everything else.  My two big German Shepherds trotted ahead, now and then patiently stopping to wait for their slowpoke running partner to catch up.  I had so much fun with this, that I may never watch split times again.  I'm at a stage in life (just turned 60!) where I'm reassessing what is important in such endeavors.  If I run the next 5k in 21 minutes (pr) or in 35 minutes, there will be no difference in result.  I still get the T-shirt, I won't be first, and I won't likely be last.  I look forward to my next run now with greater anticipation than at any time in the past.  Sometimes, frankly, it could get to be a chore.  Not now.  Can't wait.  This slow run, strangely enough, really re-ignited my desire to run. 

     I recently heard about a study in Japan about the health benefits of slow running.  I'll look into that more, but for now, I'm just out there enjoying the run!  Hope someone gains something from this.  I know I did.

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