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Friday, August 15, 2014


I work in an office environment. Just a few people, but LOTS in adjacent offices/rooms, etc. The problem that this presents is that there is, with several hundred people in a building, most of us interacting throughout the day, there is virtually ALWAYS something that somebody wants to celebrate. Birthdays, Retirement, Promotions, Holidays, people getting hired, transferred, married, having babies. Seldom, it seems, does a day go by when there isn't SOMETHING that SOMEONE wants to "celebrate". This alone is not a bad thing. It makes people feel good, after all. The problem is HOW they celebrate. I will use this morning as an example. We had the "trifecta". Someone, in an adjacent office, decided, "What the heck, it's Friday." So they brought a giant box (probably 15-20 count) of assorted doughnuts, chocolate covered, sugar glazed, sugar dipped, etc. etc. The box was just laying open on a table where EVERYONE would pass by during the course of the morning. The box was soon decimated, save a few scraps. Now, cut the scene to OUR office. Interns last day, so they bring a pound of candy to share with everyone. Another intern's last day, so they have someone deliver cookies, candied cookies and candy. Yesterday was "The next to last day for the interns", so someone bought a cake. This is learned, and accepted behavior in our society, and it is horribly unhealthy. We have a huge obesity rate, and this behavior is a big contributing factor, I think. We celebrate everything with food.......not just food, but JUNK, full of sugar and wheat. There won't be a quick fix to this, and I've certainly posted about it before. Until we stop raising our kids to think that every happy event involves sugar, we will continue to pass this on to future generations. Find another way to celebrate. Buy a card, a gift, whatever, as long as it isn't food. In my humble opinion, as always.........

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