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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sad Realization

When I have an epiphany, it's usually at mile 4+ of some run, generally in the dark, either by myself or with my K-9 running partner. Such was the case this week, as we navigated a familiar trail that parallels a rural road near my home. It was well before dawn, a full moon was heading down in the west, and, as I prefer when running, the world was ours. No sound save the occasional familar screech of a hunting barn owl, and our feet on the dirt trail. Times like that are something that I truly treasure, and as you other runners will know, it gives you peace like very little else. As we rounded a corner, we were blinded by the glaring lights of an oncoming giant dump truck, on the adjacent road. He roared by at 50 miles per hour, belching out a large cloud of diesel as he went. I know this was a guy just earning a living, but at that time, all I could think was how we so often fly in the face of nature and act with a real disregard for our connection with this Earth. We have "evolved" to the point that we often have no understanding of a need to be part of the natural world. We have crafted devices of steel and rubber with which we roll over and past the natural world. I could only think of one thing as his racket faded into the night and the fumes were slowly dissipated by the slight breeze......"Humans are really an annoying lot............" Hope I can do my part to do better.

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