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Monday, April 1, 2013


     I had the opportunity to go to observe a "Jog-a-Thon" fundraiser at my son's elementary school the other day.  The kids run laps around a track for 1/2 hour to earn donations from parents/friends/family who donate "per lap".  There were, probably 50 kids, 5th grade and under, and a few parents and teachers who joined in.
      The difference was truly astounding to a barefooter/minimalist!  Nearly every one of the kids, who were running in everything from street shoes to sneakers, was hitting with a mid-foot or forefoot strike.  They were having FUN running.  The parents and teachers, most of whom were wearing "running shoes", were doing the heel stomp.   I watched with fascination as the kids ran so lightly, like so many deer, just having fun and running with their friends.

     This heel stomping style of running, with "running shoes" is TRULY learned behavior, and benefits only the shoe companies (and orthopedists)!

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