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Thursday, November 29, 2012


One of the best terms to describe our existence today is complacency.  We have our stressors, to be sure.  Raising kids, paying taxes, work, bills, etc.etc. .   We are, for the most part, however, PHYSICALLY complascent. Admit it, most of us have a physically easy life.  We don't have to chase down our dinner, or run fast and climb trees to avoid providing something else with dinner.  We sleep in soft beds with warm covers, we have nice shelter, plentiful food.   That is precisely what is making us FAT and SICK.  I see people, seeming relatively content, hobbling down the street using a cane, and hugely obese.  Well, when you ask a knee  or an ankle to carry an extra hundred pounds long enough, it's going to give out.  If you just ACCEPT such limitations, you will DIE with them.  That body of yours, old or young, fat or slim, tall or short, was meticulously designed over 2 million years of evolution.  It will perform if you let it.  Get angry at your limitations.  Overcome them.  If you are under the care of a health practitioner, ask him or her what you CAN do, considering those limitations.  Once you get the medical all-clear, get started!  DO WHAT YOU CAN DO!  Whether its an Ultra Marathon or a walk to the mailbox.

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