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Friday, February 10, 2012

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     This is why you still need to be able to deal with predators!...............Granted, for the most part, we no longer have to look over our shoulder at the water hole to avoid becoming lunch for a lion or a leopard. This attempted kidnapping brings home a point, however. We still live in a jungle teeming with vicious predators. They are lurking, ready to pounce upon our young the same as a cheetah cutting a baby springbok out of the herd. This little girl was in a toy aisle in Wal-Mart, with her parent in a nearby aisle. Think this guy was in the toy aisle by accident? These guys know where to find their prey. You need to be ALWAYS on the alert for them. They go where kids go. Keep that in mind. Thankfully, this incident had a happy ending with the little girl safe and the predator behind bars................THEY DON'T ALWAYS END THIS WAY! We're talking about primitive living on this site. Part of that is realizing our innate capabilities and shortcomings. If you are distracted from your child for even a few seconds, tragedy can strike.

      A family in Texas was on a hike recently when their child was grabbed by a mountain lion. The father jumped on the animal, stabbed it with a pocket knife, and saved the child. These two predators, the lion and the criminal, did EXACTLY the same thing, although with different motivation. They stalked, found a moment when the adults were not aware of their proximity to the child, and pounced. See the correlation? Treat your day as though you are living in a primeval jungle. That's what it takes to safely raise your young. I agree that it's a sad truth, but it is, in fact, THE truth.

      In Los Angeles recently, they have arrested two teachers who are accused of committing lewd acts upon their students. This isn't the only incident, of course.  Nearly every day, there is a new story about someone preying upon our youth.  

     You have to be ever vigilant, and take nothing for granted if you want to keep your children safe from all of the predators out there.

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