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Monday, January 2, 2012

There are three of us in my running group.  I'm the slowest, and the only one who keeps checking my watch, wondering why I can't seem to improve my split times.  My two running partners are barefoot purists, while I'm a minimalist runner for the most part.  They love to run whether it's hot, cold, foggy, you name it.  I run for my health, and because I love to run.  They just run.  They don't need motivation, they never need an I-pod with just the right tunes.  Their running gear is ultra-minimalist.  They don't get demoralized when heading up long hills, and are indifferent to the relief of a long downhill stretch.  They aren't afraid to walk when they feel like it, and have sprinting abilities that I think would have left Carl Lewis gasping at the side of the road on his best day.  They have so much fun while they are running that I have to force them to stop and get a drink once in a while.  They are very tolerant of my shortcomings as a runner.  When we finish a run, they are ready to head right back out and do it all over again.
     I'm in awe of their abilities, and consider it a privilege to be included in their pack.

 I'd like you to meet them:
       We can learn a lot from these primitive runners.  Their ancestors have run in pursuit of game for thousands of years, as did our ancestors.  They have the benefit of having stayed in touch with their roots.  They run purely to be running.  Take a lesson from these ultra-minimalist athletes.  Just run!

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