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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I saw a post somewhere recently that said "Running=Medicine".  How true that is!   We have myriads of chemicals to try to force our body functions back to normal after a lifetime of abuse and neglect.  The human body, if healthy, will self-regulate, provided that you haven't abused it or neglected it to the point of no return.  The problem with these medications is that they nearly all have serious and multiple side effects.  Medicine to bring our blood sugar levels down, bring our blood pressure down, regulate our liver, prostate, kidneys, you name it.   If your physician says you need it, then you follow that advice.  The whole point is to AVOID needing it.  I'm pushing 60 now, and take no medicines.   Why?   Dunno.  Maybe good genetics, maybe good luck.  I think it's because I run.  Running helps regulate weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, makes you sweat out the crap in your pores, in your blood, in your body in general.  I think that's the answer.  If you're to the point that you waddle instead of walk, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!   Geez, don't expect some poor Dr. to have to chemically or surgically fix all the stuff you've been doing to that wonderful machine we call the human body for the last 20-50 years!  I'm just sayin.........

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